Promoting Your First Facebook Sale

How to build buzz and host a successful first sale--being prepared makes all the difference! 

Selling on social media is like selling anywhere else-- you will want to make sure your customers and fans are informed and excited about the sale in advance. Prior to the first sale, you will want to educate your customers, get them excited, and encourage them to pre-register. 

1. Educating Your Customers

Commenting to purchase is a very simple action but it’s also a very new concept. Most of your followers will not be familiar with the idea that their comment will “do” something (create an invoice) so we need to make sure that is well explained.

2. Creating Excitement

These sales are fun and we want to use previews and teasers to entice followers and make them look forward to the sale going live.

3. Pre-Registration

Use this time to get as many people pre-registered as possible. When your customers register with your store, we capture an email to put on file for them to ensure we can send them an invoice when they comment on your products. This makes the purchase process easier and ensures that a number of your fans are ready to participate. 

5 Ways You Should Promote Your Sales

The order of effectiveness depends on your relationship with your customers. We’ve found that heavy promotion through social channels and through your email newsletter work best.

1. Email Your Mailing List: Send an email announcing you are selling on Facebook and explain why they should be purchasing product through this channel. Get them excited, explain how it works, and give your fans the link to pre-register for the sale.

2. Run a Giveaway: Set up a registration giveaway instructing fans to click the registration link participate.

  • Create a giveaway post on Facebook

  • Post it to your page saying there are two steps to register:

                    1. Click the link to register for your upcoming sale

                    2. Comment a keyword of your choice (i.e. "Gimme")  

  • Choose a winner from the customers who clicked the registration link and registered with your store. These customers will be listed under your Customers tab on your Soldsie dashboard. 

3. Post Multiple Times to Facebook: Posting multiple times before a sale works really well, especially if you have an engaged audience. 

4. Boost Signup Post: Run a Facebook ad where you boost a post with the registration link. 

5. Post on All Social Media and Customer Channels: Announce your sale on Instagram, your blog, website, Tumblr, Twitter, email etc.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat
Our most successful merchants never stop building hype about their sales and their personal brands.


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