Grow Your Fan Base on Facebook

Overview: How to attract new fans and customers on Facebook

1. Run Ads 
With Facebook's recent changes in reach, it is becoming harder for business pages to be found and for their posts to be seen by customers and fans. To overcome the reach issue, we recommend running ads to help build your audience and keep them engaged. 

2. Use Build Audience Features
If you are a Page manager, then you have the capability to invite your email contacts to “Like” your Page. You can also designate several managers to expand the number of invitations. Building audience also includes creating Facebook ads that target a specific demographic, and you can choose to get more Page “Likes” or simply promote individual posts.

3. Track Data in Facebook Insights
Facebook Insights are crucial to gauging what kind of content your fans respond to. Pay particular attention to the Talking About This metric, as it measures how many people create a story out of your posts. Beyond the surface metrics, export your Page Level data and Post Level data to get a more focused view into your Page’s success. Negative feedback, such as hiding a post or marking a post as spam, signals that one type of update is hurting your reputation. Conversely, positive feedback tells you that you should offer more of the same product, and hold the sale at a popular time.

4. Post Engaging Content
Don’t just post products--your Page is also a space for fans to interact with you and each other. Share interesting, funny, or helpful articles that will have a lot of traction with your customers (the more they “Like,” share, or comment on a post, the more likely your future posts will show up in their News Feed!). 


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