Will Soldsie help me get more fans?

While Soldsie will not find fans for individual pages or accounts, comment selling will help you gain exposure since every comment gets dispersed by the commenter's social network. Merchants have also been using Influencers to help get their products and overall brand across the platform to attain new captive audience!

For Facebook, when you post an external link to your store website, or even to the item itself, you haven't invited any interaction with your Facebook post.

Without fan engagement, a Facebook page loses visibility among users--even if they've "Liked" your page.

Keep in mind that only a small percentage of your fans will be logged onto Facebook at any given time, so the more fans you have, the more likely Facebook users will see your posts and comment "Sold!"

For Instagram, we suggest setting up regularly schedule email blasts with updates and information pertaining to your sale or highlighting a product etc.  

In addition to the email blast, posting on other social media channels should also assist you in growing your fan base and followers -- such as Twitter.  
Keep in mind to use hashtags as they trigger a search for your sale and products and will also help in growth initiatives (i.e #FullofThreadsFlashSale #FlashSaleFriday)

Happy Selling! 

Any further questions? Reach out to Support at support@soldsie.com.

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