Create a Campaign: How to Add and Edit a Product

Soldsie allows you to upload all of your products ahead of time and schedule when you'd like them to post.   We use Campaigns to keep things organized.  Think of each campaign as a folder to hold one sale.   To get started you'll want to create a Campaign for your first sale.

Note that you are not posting a product to your Facebook page until the last step of this guide.

Create a Campaign

1. Access your Soldsie dashboard by going to and click "LOG IN" (located in the top right hand corner of the screen).  Once you get to your dashboard, click "Campaigns" then "+New Campaign" to create a campaign.  

2. Click on "Untitled Campaign" to give the Campaign a name (to help keep you organized) and click save.  This title will only show up on your page if you are posting your Sale as a Facebook Album. 


Add a Product

3. Next click  "Add Product.”  This will open a window where you can select photos from your computer to upload  You can upload more than one product at a time by holding down "control button" on your computer keypad while clicking the desired files you want to use.  Photos should be 2MB or smaller.

Fill Out The Product Information
Once your photos have uploaded, you will see the Product in Edit Mode.  Lets go through this view step by step. 
1. Product Name and Price.
Give your product a name and price.  
The information you put in these fields will automatically populate in the product description.   

2. Options and Quantity
Set your sizes, color options, and quantity (you have in stock) here. 
Inventory will be tracked for you!
3. Add-ons 
Add-ons are optional extras that may or may not have an additional price.  
If you want to offer Monogramming or Gift wrap put that here with the extra price (if any).
Customers will be able to select Add-ons on their invoice before they check out. 

4. Product Description
As you fill out 1, 2, and 3, we will autofill that information into the description.   You can also add additional information about the product by clicking "edit manually."      

Once you hit "Edit Manually" we will no longer autofill any information because we don't want to erase what you have entered.   So make sure you fill out all the small boxes before clicking that button.   If you make a mistake, you can click "Reset Autofill" to reset the description, but any additional information added will be deleted. 

**You can change the default purchase instructions by going to Settings-->Campaigns-->Advanced Settings and editing the "Purchase Instructions."

5. Save
Once you’re satisfied with your product photo and description, click  to save these changes.  You can come back and edit the product at anytime (but remember that once "Edit Manually" has been clicked we will not autofill any information into the description). 

Once all your products have been uploaded to your campaign, you can schedule the campaign to be published to your Page by clicking "Schedule Campaign" on the right hand side.


**You can manage and edit your product catalog via the Campaigns tab in your dashboard.

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