Guide to Invoice Statuses

Invoice Statuses help both you and your customers keep track of orders. 
Most invoice statuses are automatically updated in your dashboard while others have to be manually changed
Pending: The item is being held for a customer who has commented “Sold” who has yet to complete the order at checkout. 
  • Inventory will be held until the order is paid or automatically canceled. 
**Automated invoice reminders and cancelations will send the customer reminder emails -- changing their status to Reminded or Canceled. 
Queued: Customer is on the Waitlist for your sold out item
  • Customers have the option to authorize their card or PayPal account to be the first in line for the next available item
Authorized: Customer is wait listed and has authorized a charge through Prepay; if an item becomes available, they will be charged within 10 minutes.
*Prepay puts them at highest priority for the next available item, as they already authorized charge!
Paid: The customer has paid the invoice.

Processing: Merchants can manually update a status to Processing for store organization purposes during the fulfillment process. 

Shipped: Merchants can manually update a status to Shipped for store organization purposes during the fulfillment process. 
Canceled: If the order is automatically canceled or canceled by the customer, the status will change.
Refunded: Merchant has refunded the order.
  • Merchants can also cancel orders manually (this can be undone, whereas automatically- or customer-canceled invoices must be re-invoiced).
Prompted (a system generated status)Soldsie received incomplete information in the comment to invoice the customer properly. 
  • Customers will receive an invoice that reads "$-.--" and asks for more information before allowing checkout.
  • No inventory is held, and no reminders are sent.
  • Once the customer enters more order information, the status will change to Pending
  • Customers will not be able to check out if they select an option or item that is already sold out.   
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