Common Payment Issues

My customer is not sure if they paid. 
Both you and your customer can quickly check on the order status by pulling up the customer's invoice email from Soldsie, and clicking on the invoice link in the email. A grey PENDING status means that the order has not been paid; a green PAID status means that it has. If the status is a red CANCELED, it means that the payment time elapsed, and you will need to issue them a new invoice if they still wish to buy the item.

My customer didn't receive their invoice.
Customers can view open invoices by clicking on the connect tab on your Facebook page or by clicking the customer connect link on any sales post. 

My customer says that they paid, but the invoice status is PENDING.
Soldsie gets its information from PayPal and WePay.  If the customer has checked out in PayPal, the status will show up as PAID. Ask them to check their PayPal account (they should have also received an email from PayPal confirming any payments) to see if the funds were actually removed. 

My customer received multiple emails / invoices for the same item.
To check on the true quantity, you and your customer can click on the invoice link in the email to see their order. 

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