How do I post products in a single album?

Your campaigns can be posted as individual photos or as a single Facebook album for customers to click through. When photos are posted individually, they show up as separate items in your customers' News Feed, whereas an album will show up as one post only. 

By default, all campaigns are posted individually with one minute intervals between each product. We recommend this route, as each post enjoys maximum exposure; however, for larger campaigns (25+ products), posting as an album helps you avoid overloading your fans' News Feeds.

To post your campaign as an album, follow these steps:

1. Before the campaign is posted to Facebook, go to the Campaigns tab from the Soldsie dashboard.
2. Click on the campaign that you want to post as an album.
3. Click the down arrow on the right hand side of the screen and select "Post as Album."

[Pro Tip]: When you post as an album, the name of the Campaign will be the name of the Facebook Album.  When you post individually the name of the campaign will not be shown on Facebook. 

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