Connecting to Instagram

Connecting to Instagram!

Instagram is a wonderful channel to reach and engage with fans!To begin selling on Instagram, you'll first need to connect your Soldsie store to your Instagram account. Below is a step by step guide on how to connect your Soldsie store to your Instagram account.

Connecting Soldsie + Instagram 

1. Access your Instagram tab by going to your settings and searching for "Instagram" in the search bar at the top right OR follow the steps below.

Settings --> Instagram  

2. Click the connect link, log into Instagram and enable the permissions.

2. Once you're connected you'll be given an Instagram registration link. The Instagram icon will also appear in the top right hand corner during this step. 

You are connected!
To get back to your Soldsie dashboard home screen, simply click on the . On the home screen, you can find the registration link for Instagram where you will be able to copy and share the link with your customers. You can email this registration link to encourage your customers to pre-register for sales! 
**Even if they have registered for Facebook, they will also need to register for Instagram
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