Comment Selling with Soldsie

What’s comment selling?

Comment selling let’s you buy something by commenting “sold” on a post. It’s that easy.


How does it work?

1. First, you’ll need to register. You can do that in one of three ways:

  • Click the registration link.
  • Click the “My Orders” tab.
  • Include your email address when you comment “sold” on an item



2. When you see something you want to buy, comment “sold” and the size or color you’d like. If you’d like more than one of a particular item, comment with the quantity as well.

3. After commenting, you’ll receive an invoice in your inbox. If you haven’t registered already, you’ll need to do so before you can receive your invoice.


4. Finally, pay with PayPal or by entering your credit card information directly on the invoice. Your purchase is complete!

What happens when I register?

Your name and email are collected for invoicing purposes. You may be alerted about new deals and coupons for upcoming sales, but your friends won’t be contacted and nothing will be posted to your wall without you knowing.


What if we run out of something that you commented on?

If the item you’re trying to purchase is sold out, you’ll be placed on the waitlist. You’ll receive an email letting you know that the item is out of stock. However, because you’re on the waitlist, you’ll be notified if more become available.

When you receive the notification that you’re on the waitlist, you’ll have the opportunity to pre-authorize your credit card for the purchase. In doing so, you’ll be the first to receive the item if it becomes available. You get first dibs on any items that go unclaimed!


Don’t want people knowing your size?

That’s fine. Just comment “sold” on a post, and you can pick your size (and any other options!) in the invoice.  However, be sure to check out quickly - if someone else comments “sold” and the size you want before you check out, they get priority for the item in stock.  

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