Can I access Soldsie via mobile or tablet?

Want to Navigate your Dashboard and take care of business on the go via your mobile? It's easy! 

1. Open your preferred Browser app (i.e Safari, Chrome, Mozilla) 
*Safari in screen capture is in use 

2. Search "Soldsie" in the Address bar then follow

3. Click the Navigation button to Log In > Scroll to the bottom of the drop down menu


*To access your Dashboard, the Facebook account in use must already have Facebook Admin access in order to access the Soldsie Dashboard. 

If you are not Logged into Facebook or if the Facebook account without Admin access is in use -- you will be redirected to the page below (example on the left hand side)

The example on the right will be if you are correctly setup and logged in: 


Navigation of Dashboard: Checking in on your Business!

1. Click the Navigation bar (next to Dashboard) to expand your Go To options!

You'll be able to browse through your Invoices, Comments, Campaigns, Products, and Customers -- just as you would on your Desktop browser!

Navigation of Dashboard: Adjusting your General Settings

1. Click the Settings gear (next to your Store's icon) to expand your General Settings!

You'll be able to browse through your General, Billing, Payments & Tax, Invoicing, Shipping, Campaigns, Instagram, Coupons, and Ads -- just as you would on your Desktop browser!


How about your Buyers?

They can comment and check out through their Facebook app and/or mobile browser just as they do on their computer! 


Any further questions? Reach out to Support at 


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