How to Access and Edit Coupons

Settings --> Coupons 
Offering discounts, seasonal sales, and free shipping are a few great ways to hype your fans to shop with your store! Who doesn't love a great bargain?
Five Types of Coupon Codes
1. Percentage Discount: 
This coupon will give your customers a percentage off their entire order.  
  • It can be used multiple times by each shopper who is given the code until it expires. 
  • This code is sharable and each shopper with access to this code will get the discount. 
2. Dollar Coupon: 
This code will take a dollar amount off your customer's total.
  • It can be used once per shopper per order. 
  • Please note that these coupons do not work like store credit. If a customer purchases an item for $10 and uses a $20 coupon, he or she will not be able to apply the remaining $10 towards future orders.
3. Flat Rate Shipping: 
This code will override the normal shipping rates and apply the flat fee associated with this coupon.  
  • For example, if you want to discount the shopper's shipping to $5 (when you normally charge $8), make the code for $5.  If you want them to get free shipping, make the code for $0.  
4. Free Gift:
This code does not change the total dollar amount of the order.  
  • It will flag the order so you can quickly spot it to add an extra item, a note, a surprise etc. 
  • Consider offering samples of your other products, trinkets, or postcards.

    This can be a great code to use for customer service issues. When something goes wrong, create a free gift code and give it to the shopper, let them know they will be getting a surprise on their next order.  It can be cheaper for you than giving a discount and will make them happier (they get a whole extra surprise item!)  Win, Win!
5. Gift Card:
This code will take a dollar amount off your customers' total.   
  • It can be used once per order.  
  • This code will be attached to a declining balance so if the code is shared, the balance of the gift card will be shared.

    For example, if you create a gift card for $50 and your customer uses the gift card for $30, the remaining balance attached to this gift card is $20.  Customers will use the same gift card code until the balance is $0. I

    [Pro-tip] This can be a great code to use for store credits.   
Spread the Love — Share your Coupon Code!
Announce the code to your fans so that they know about your promotion! They'll be able to enter the code upon checkout by clicking on Have a coupon code? below the products. 
Tracking Coupon Code Usage
1. You'll be able to see that they used a coupon code on the Invoice tab.
2. You can export your Invoices to track your coupon codes in a spreadsheet — it will download as .csv file 
Check out this article to learn more on how to export your invoices- Exporting Your Invoices to a Spreadsheet
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