Personalize Your Customer Registration Link

Add credibility and a personal touch to your Customer Registration link!
You can customize your Facebook URL -- but it's a string of numbers by default.
Replacing these numbers with your store name will make your page more polished!



1. Set up your Store's Facebook URL:
-- your Soldsie registration link will update automatically. 

Pro Tip:
For stronger branding, it's best to make this the name of your store.
Choose wisely: You can only change this once after you set your username!

2. "Confirm" your page will have an official username and URL.  

Now you can direct fans to your page with a more personalized link!  



3. "Refresh" Soldsie to activate this change.  
Settings > select "Refresh Stores"

Go to Settings - you'll see that the Registration link has been changed to include your store name!  


4. Update the registration link that appears by default in your product descriptions!
Settings > Campaigns > Advanced Settings > Purchase Instructions

>>Copy & Paste your new Facebook URL > Message box, to replace the link in "Purchase Instructions" 

If you'd like to find out more about usernames, check out Facebook's Help Center

Any further questions? Reach out to Support at

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