How do my customers pay?

Customers can easily pay in three separate ways!

Customers who comment "Sold" and connect to Soldsie will receive an email invoice and will pay directly through:



Sezzle is an online payment platform that allows you to pay for your order through 4 small installment payments, spread over 6 weeks, rather than paying the full amount at once. Sezzle is 100% secure and does not charge you interest on your payments.

To configure Sezzle on your merchant account with Soldsie follow the below steps:
1. Register on Sezzle with a merchant account and get the API keys. If this is not your first time using the API keys click "Create API Key" and use the new set for Soldsie.
    Here is the link to register:
2. Once you are done with the above step, login to your Soldsie account and migrate to Settings >                Payments & Tax.
   Here you can enter those keys in the Sezzle Section:

If you are a new merchant registering with Soldsie, you can also configure sezzle while getting started.

After entering the keys click save to complete the configuration.

3. Once you are done with the Sezzle configuration, customer will now be getting options to Pay his order via sezzle. It will look as below on invoice page:

4. When the customer clicks "Pay with Sezzle" they will be redirected to Sezzle. After payment Sezzle will deposit the money in your account on Sezzle.

For more information about Sezzle and its working please visit


Paypal is a widely used service that allows customers to connect their bank accounts. Stripe makes it easy for your customers to pay with credit cards.

For more information about PayPal please visit


Stripe (credit cards)

For more information about Stripe, please visit

Both of these platforms will deposit funds into your bank account at a schedule you set up. 

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