Setting Up Advanced Shipping Logic

Shipping is a complex and intricate part of the selling process and Soldsie is happy to provide a few options to help. Shipping can be free, charged as a flat rate, or a tiered price. Tiered pricing can be based off the number of items purchased, the price of the products, or the weight of the products. We also offer the ability to set up multiple shipping methods such as ground and express shipping which you can learn more about here

Setting Up Tiered Shipping

1. Access your shipping settings by going to your settings and searching for "shipping" in the search bar at the top right OR follow these steps:

Settings --> Shipping 

2. Select either Free Shipping OR Charge for Shipping from the dropdown menu.

  • Free Shipping offers storewide free shipping on all item. 
  • Charge for Shipping offers a basic storewide flat rate OR a more advanced option where you can set up tiers and multiple shipping options or methods. 

3. If you choose Charge for Shipping, you can either set up a basic flat rate or select I need more advanced options at the bottom right corner to set up multiple shipping options i.e International Shipping, tier shipping, etc.

4. Tier shipping creates a shipping logic that will automatically trigger the shipping amount based on the parameters. For example, the image below demonstrates how to create different shipping prices based on the number of items purchased.

**If you would like to set your shipping method to calculate for weight, take a look at this document to learn how to turn on shipping weights-- Shipping by Weight

Multiple Shipping Options: Offer your customers multiple shipping options such as ground and express shipping, and charge them based on how much they order. This can be by dollars spent, number of items, or weight.   

Country-Specific Shipping Rules: For merchants that offer international shipping, Soldsie now provides the ability to specify which countries you'd like to make each shipping method available in.

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