Integrating with ShipStation

It's every vendor's dream to take the headache out of shipping and focus on sales. Soldsie makes that a reality by integrating with ShipStation, a web-based shipping platform that handles order fulfillment for online retailers. Now you can import your orders into ShipStation as soon as you receive a payment, and your customers will automatically get a tracking number for their own records.

Connecting your Soldsie store to ShipStation

1. If you are not a current ShipStation user, click here to sign up for a free trial. 
**If you already have a ShipStation account go to your ShipStation Settings --> Stores --> add new store. 

2. When you reach Step 3 of the sign up, it's time to integrate Soldsie with ShipStation!  In a new browser tab (Mac users, hit command + T), access your Soldsie Dashboard and visit Settings --> Shipping.  In the box that reads "ShipStation Setup," create a username and password and hit save. Copy the link above your username (orange box)--you'll need that in a minute!


3. Return to the ShipStation signup flow and select "Soldsie."

4. Enter the username and password that you chose in your Soldsie Settings page, and paste the link from your Soldise Dashboard in the box that asks for "Integration URL."

5. Click the "Test Connection" button to make sure the information is entered correctly.  If it gives you an error message it means that either your username, password or the url was not copied correctly.  They are all case sensitive so double check to make sure they are correct.  

6. If you'd like to use Shipstation's packing slips and emails, fill out the next two screens as you'd like.  Soldsie also provides packing slips and tracking emails so you shouldn't need to use Shipstation's. 


7. On the 4th screen, change "Product SKU" to "Product or listing Name."

7. Set up your preferred shipping clients, for USPS use the included free Endicia account.  Once you're done, ShipStation will automatically start fetching your paid Soldsie orders, and you'll see a notification like the one below.

8. Once your paid orders are imported to ShipStation, pay for and print postage. Make sure you select "Notify Marketplace" to let Soldsie know that you've shipped the items.

ShipStation will update the status of the product to "shipped" in Soldsie.

Badabing, badaboom--Soldsie will automatically send your customer an email to let them know that their item is on its way.

And a tracking number will be included on their invoice!

That's all there is to it--try it out for yourself!
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