Manually Post to Facebook

Merchants have seen an increase in reach if they post Products to their Facebook page manually, and link them to Soldsie after they are posted. Here's how:

1. Manually post your Product to Soldsie
Products > at top righthand side, Add a Product Button

* Shopify & Bigcommerce Integration: Products > begin typing the item in Import URL search box

2. Post your Product to Facebook
from your Facebook home page > upload photo of Product via Add Photos/Video > Type Product description into box > Post 

PRO TIP: Copy the Product description from Soldsie and paste into the Upload box on Facebook.  

 3. Manually Post to Facebook (3 Options)
Products > click downward arrow button (righthand side) Post to Facebook 

a) Schedule Post
Set your parameters to Begins in and Ends in date

b) Copy & Paste URL
Facebook post of Product > Copy photo URL of product from Facebook > paste into search field > Find Photo

c) Attach Post 
click Attach when image of item matches to that of your Product post (Soldsie) 

4. Confirm Product posted to Facebook

Time Stamp icon to the righthand side of the Product details confirms connection


Your Facebook posts are now linked to Soldsie -- Invoices should be sent out to your customers! 

Any further questions? Reach out to Support at 

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