Creating a New Invoice

Have a customer saying they didn't receive an invoice after commenting 'Sold'? Need to create an invoice for a particular customer asking for a specific product? You can manually send your customers a New Invoice!

Sending a New Invoice From The Invoice Tab

1. Invoice tab > New Invoice

2. A new window will expand to create an invoice. Adjust item details accordingly: 

  • Item - confirm product; type item name
  • Quantity
  • Size
  • Memo - Optional 
  • Email - customer's email is required to send

** Adjustment allows you to add or subtract to the Price of the item

3. After the new invoice is sent, a new row will generate for the created invoice. Each row represents one product but all products will be combined in the final cart for each customer. 

Manual invoices will not have a comment where invoices generated from comments will include the comment like below.

** To create a New Invoice with multiple items -- repeat steps above for each new item  


Creating a New Invoice From a Comment

1. Comments > click New Invoice icon  next to Invoice Status 

2. Fill in invoice information from Step 2 above!

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