Enabling Invoice Waitlist

Reduce negative impacts of cart abandonment from users who don’t complete their payments by Enabling the Invoice Waitlist option!
Great for: 
  • Sold out items - enables customers on the wait list to pre-pay for an item
  • Priority - Pre-paying customers receive priority over other customers on the wait list. 
  • 1-time-set-up: You won’t have to manually send invoices when you restock or the Customer cancels their their order. 

Enable Invoice Waitlist and Pre-pay

Settings > “Allow wait list for credit cards” > Save
click “Set Up PayPal for Waitlist” > re-routed to PayPal Log In> Allow permissions to Soldsie > re-routed to Soldsie Dashboard — Invoice waitlist and Pre-Pay activated!

Adjust Waitlist Expirations 

Customers who comment “Sold” on a sold-out item will receive a Queued invoice with instructions to “Get on Standby.
Once they authorize prepayment, their Invoice will say, "You're on Standby!" and their invoice status will show Authorized on your dashboard. 
Customers will be automatically charged and sent a payment notification if the item becomes available within the specified timeframe


What Soldsie Merchants See

Authorized - Customer authorizes payment then gets on standby (wait listed)
Automatically charged - if customer with Pending invoice does not pay or cancels
Paid - Prepaying customer has been charged
Queued - customers will be notified that the item is restocked and can check out and pay for the item
*Once these Queued customers pay, their invoice will change to Paid


Charging Authorized Invoices once item has been restocked 
Products tab > locating the out-of-stock item > Edit ('Edit Product')  > Add quantity
*Prepaying customers will be charged within 10 minutes of your update.   
Warning: Do not Edit Products during an active sale - this will cause invoice issues on your customers' end and inventory issues on yours. Look for "Queued" invoices ~1 hour after the sale -- it will help you decide how much to restock. 

Any further questions? Reach out to Support at support@soldsie.com.

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