What should I include in my invoice message?

Personalize the Invoice Message your customers will see at the bottom of every invoice! Here are some suggestions of what you should include:

  1. Thank you for shopping!
  2. Please pay your invoice in x-hours - 24 hours is common
  3. Your return/exchange policy
  4. Approximate shipping time

Pro Tip: Include your contact email address to provide your customers with a better customer experience when they have questions. Inform your customers on how they can contact you with any questions.

Setting Up Your Invoice Message

1. Access your invoice settings by going to your settings and searching for "Invoicing" in the search bar at the top right OR follow the steps below.

Settings > Invoices tab > Invoicing > Invoice Message 

2. Include any information you want your customers to have and click save. 


Customer View of Invoice Message at Checkout


Any further questions? Reach out to Support at support@soldsie.com.

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