Common Customer Service Questions

Why does my invoice show the wrong options?
While automatic invoicing takes hours off the order fulfillment process and saves our merchants much headache, some glitches may occur. Our invoice assistant parses comments and pre-populates invoices, but customers should always check their invoices for accuracy before payment.

The system may become confused because of complicated options, or because the customer comment doesn't match the entered options exactly (i.e. "Med." instead of "medium"). 

To avoid problems, please remind your fans to comment with the exact wording of each option, and to review their invoices and edit if necessary.

Alternatively, you can also list different options as separate items (i.e. a gold watch and a silver watch instead of a single watch with two color options).

How do I change my invoice?
Merchants can change an invoice by right-clicking on the invoice number and opening the invoice in a new tab. (Mac users: use a two-finger click or command click.)
Customers can also edit invoices upon checkout, and this is the best option for easy order fulfillment. Read the support document about editing invoices for more details.

What do I do if I receive multiple invoices?
Customers should cancel any extra invoices after having paid the correct one.
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