Registering For a Store

Why do I have to register?
When you click the link to register with the store it will give the store access to your name and email associated with your Facebook page. This information allows the store to create and invoice for the items you commented “sold” on.


How do I register?
It’s easy! Just click on the link or the registration tab and you are done. You don’t have to create a profile or give any information. There are also many different ways to register. You can click on the link in a post that instructs you to register, click on the link above the product in a sale, click on the “Registrations” tab, or comment “Sold” with your email address.

When I click to register, why is Soldsie asking to access my friends list?  
This is a standard Facebook application connection message.  By registering, Soldsie only gets access to your email address to be able to send you invoices.   Soldsie does not do anything with your friends list or any other information in your profile?  

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