Promoting your Sale on Instagram

As you prepare for your first sale on Instagram, you’ll want to make sure your customers are prepared as well. We recommend that you promote each sale before it happens. Be sure to continue promoting and educating your customers for each additional upcoming sale.

Goal: Educate your fans on...

1. How they can purchase directly from you through Social Media 
2. When the sale will happen 
3. Who your business is partnering with (if you think that will encourage customers to participate in the sale)

5 Ways to Promote and Educate

1. Announce on Instagram that you will be running a sale. You don’t want to blindside your followers, so make sure they know about the sale ahead of time.

2. Educate your customers on how to purchase via Social Media. Your customers will all need to register to buy directly from you through Instagram.  There are 2 ways you can teach your customers to register. The two ways are:

--Commenting with their email address

--Clicking on the Instagram registration link provided (this is located in the center of the homepage on your Soldside dashboard), copy it and paste into either your Instagram Bio or instructional email

This will be a new and exciting experience for both your customers and followers.  It is important for them to know how to participate in the sale. 

3. Use your mailing list to announce that you're selling on Instagram. Get your customers excited by explaining how it works and when they will be able to purchase. This is a great opportunity to highlight your upcoming sale and more importantly, your products.

4. Post about your upcoming sale on various Social Media and any other customer channels: Facebook, your blog, website, Tumblr, Twitter, etc. 

5. Run a contest to market your sale. This will help to spread the news that people can now buy straight from your Instagram page.  Giveaways also help promote your sale to followers that typically are not as engaged as your most loyal followers as well as garner new clients too! 

Guidelines for Running your First Sale on Instagram:

  • Post 1-3 products throughout the day of your sale (we recommend to post throughout the day to expose the sale more than once in the Instagram feed-- i.e.: If you post only once at 9AM, the 5pm shopper will not see your post)

  • Run your sale 2-5 days a week

  • A sale post should have no more than 4 photos in a collage image (be cognisant that followers are viewing this on their mobile device)

  • Over-posting can lead to fans unfollowing you on Instagram

Guidelines for Product Description:
  • Product description should be direct, short and simple

  • Include the instructions on how to purchase in the description of your post: “To purchase, comment sold, option, and your email address” (Example: Sold Large "You will receive an invoice to your email within minutes to complete your purchase."

  • Include key product details such as price and the product name.
  • Ask your customers to pay the invoice in X amount of time to encourage invoice completion in a timely manner.

  • Include 3-5 hashtags with each post. We recommend one of them being #yourstorename


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