How to Set Up Variable Pricing

Variable pricing allows you to set different prices for the same product. This is useful when a products has different prices for different sizes or options e.g. a necklace comes in gold and silver with each metal priced differently. Instead of creating a separate post for each variable, you are able to sell the gold necklace at a different price than the silver necklace. 

Setting up Variable Pricing

1. Turn on variable pricing by going to your settings and searching for "price per option/size" in the search bar at the top right OR follow the steps below.

Settings --> General --> Show Advanced Settings --> Price Per Option/Size 

2. Turn on Variable Pricing by marking Size/Option prices

3. Return to the product you would like to create multiple prices for. You will now see an additional column to the right of the quantity called Extra ($). Here you will enter the difference between the price for the variable and the base price. 

For the example above, the base price is $13.99 which is the price for the 8oz mug. The 16oz is priced at $15.99 which is $2 more than the base price so we entered $2 in the Extra($) column next to the 16oz option. 



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