Soldsie Features with Shopify

When integrating Soldsie with Shopify, please note that certain features are no longer set up in Soldsie: 

  • Shipping: Shipping is now set up through Shopify.  If you're using ShipStation, this needs to be integrated with Shopify and not Soldsie with the integration.  
  • Coupon Codes: All coupon codes that your customers can use must be created in Shopify.
  • Product Price & Variables: Product price and variable must be set in Shopify before importing that product in to Soldsie.  Changing price and variables in Soldsie are superficial and will not reflect what the customer will be charged once going through checkout in Shopify.
  • Wait list: This feature is not supported with the Soldsie<>Shopify Integration.  Inventory now goes to the first shopper to pay and not the first shopper to comment.
  • Payments & Tax: Payment processor and taxes are set up in Shopify as checkout happens in the e-commerce cart and not Soldsie.  You do not need to connect a business PayPal or Stripe account to Soldsie.


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