New: Linking Posts on Instagram

Linking Posts on Instagram


Soldsie will look at your Instagram posts and will instantly recognize which ones are shoppable by scanning the text in the caption.  When you post a product to Instagram, Soldsie will prompt you to connect it and make it shoppable!

Want to receive text notifications with links to connect the post?  Please make sure to put your mobile number in the Soldsie dashboard.   You can do so by going to Settings-->General Settings-->Contact Information

Step 1: Post to Instagram with the product name, price, and purchase instructions.  Make sure you've already created or imported the product in to Soldsie.  Don't know how? Click here to learn. 

Note: Captions must include the following two combinations of words and product name (not case sensitive nor in any specific order or combination) for Soldsie to recognize the Instagram post as potentially shoppable:








Step 2: After you post, you'll receive a text with a link that will take you to the Instagram Linking section on your Soldsie Merchant Dashboard.  


Step 3: Click the image and a pop up will appear prompting you to select the product you want to connect it to.  The suggested products on this pop up are being pulled based upon the product name and what most closely matches the product name in the Instagram caption.  

*Don't see the product you're looking for?  Click "The product I'm looking for isn't here!" to find the correct one.


Step 4: Confirm the selection and you're done!


Posting To Instagram



Follow Step 1 above. 

Step 2: The post image will appear on the Soldsie Merchant Dashboard under the Instagram Linking section.  


Follow Step 3-4 above and you're set to go! 


Any further questions? Reach out to Support at 


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