Sales Tax

How do I set up sales tax?

Go to Settings --> Payments and Taxes --> Sales Tax

How does sales tax work with Soldsie? 

For stores within the United States, Soldsie offers a tax setting that allows you to set up sales tax on a state-by-state basis which is automatically calculated by ZipTax. 

  • Once you connect to the Soldsie software, Soldsie automatically sets up your default sales tax based on your billing address connected to your Soldsie account.
  • You may then edit or add any states that you are required to collect sales tax. **Soldsie can not advise you on which states you must collects sales tax in and we recommend contacting your Accountant.
  • Once you select the state(s) that you are required to collect sales tax in, ZipTax will automatically apply the correct sales tax based on the county of which your customer is shipping the item. 


Reporting Taxes

You are responsible for reporting sales taxes to the government. Soldsie is not responsible for providing a tax report and we recommend contacting your payment processors for the most accurate reports.


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    I've followed the prompts above and am still not seeing sales tax charged on my invoices. Can someone help? I have Texas saved and have gone through the tab (and all others) several times. Not sure what I'm missing. Thanks!

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