Setting Up Multiple Shipping Methods

Soldsie is happy to offer a simple shipping option that allows you to set up multiple shipping methods. Currently Soldsie does not have the capability to auto-select the shipping method for your customers based on their shipping address; your customers will be responsible for selecting the correct shipping. 

Multiple Shipping Methods

1. Access your shipping settings by going to your settings and searching for "shipping" in the search bar at the top right OR follow the steps below.

Settings --> Shipping 

2. Under the Shipping Options, you will want to select Charge for Shipping from the dropdown menu. This will open your basic storewide flat rate shipping options.

3. Select I need more advanced options at the bottom right corner to set up multiple shipping options i.e International Shipping.

4. Click the blue button at the bottom labeled ADD SHIPPING METHOD for each method you would like to add. In the advanced shipping options, you are able to set different types of shipping methods e.g. Domestic Shipping, International Shipping, Ground Shipping. 

5. SAVE your shipping methods by clicking the green SAVE SHIPPING SETTINGS at the bottom. 

Customer's View 

  • Shipping options will be listed on the invoice in the dropdown menu in the same order they are listed in your settings with In-Store Pickup going to the bottom of the list. 

** We currently do not have the ability to automatically set shipping based on location. You can offer international shipping but customers must select it from the drop down at check out to be charged correctly.  It will NOT be charged automatically. 


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