Soldsie Shipping Options

When setting up shipping in Soldsie, you initially have the option for Free Shipping or to Charge for Shipping.  

Free Shipping offers storewide free shipping on all items.

Charge for Shipping offers a basic storewide flat rate shipping option (e.g. $2 per item without a cap on shipping, a $5 flat shipping fee per order, etc.).


Are there more options for Shipping?  

Yes! Soldsie offers more advanced shipping options by selecting I need more advanced options at the bottom right corner to set up Multiple Shipping Methods, Tiered Shipping, and International Shipping.

Multiple Shipping Methods allows you to set up different options like Express Shipping and Standard Shipping.

Tiered Shipping is the advanced shipping logic that allows you to create different shipping prices based on the number of items, dollars spent, or weight. It also allows you to set up a cap for the maximum amount of shipping that you would like to charge.

International Shipping allows you to set up a different pricing for international shipping but we currently don't have the ability to trigger the shipping price based on the customers address. 


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