Have2Have.it Instagram Scheduling App for iOS


Note: We updated our app to work with iOS 9 and higher. For scheduled posts that have not been matched, it will not be added if the post you were trying to match was manually added to H2H from Instagram. You will have to delete the scheduled post you were trying to add if that is the case, but for newly created scheduled post it should operate correctly otherwise. 

Download the new Have2Have.it Instagram Scheduling app for iOS here.  Use this app with or without your desktop Have2Have.it account to schedule all Instagram posts in advance.  With this new feature and mobile app, you'll also be able to tag your Have2Have.it links when you're creating the posts so they auto link and populate on your Have2Have.it feed when it's time to post.

Step 1: Download the iOS App and Log in

Download the Have2Have.it Instagram Scheduling app for iOS here.  Once you download the app, launch it and log in with your Have2Have.it account credentials.  Once you log in, you'll see any pre-scheduled post. 

Step 2: Create and Schedule Posts from the App

Click the "+" sign in the top right hand corner of the app to create and schedule a post for Instagram.  You'll be prompted to select a photo from your Camera or Library.  Select the photo you want to use for your post.     

Once you select your photo, you'll be able to select the time you want to post at and add a caption for your Instagram post.  Both of these fields can be changed prior to actually posting. 


If you don't have any Have2Have.it links to add to the post, click "Save" in the top right hand corner.  If you want to schedule Have2Have.it links with this post, click "ADD LINK" below the caption field to begin doing this.   Here, you'll be able to add a Name, a Description (this is optional), a URL, and a Link Thumbnail (this is optional).  Click "Save" in the top right hand corner to save this link.


If you're done adding links and creating the post, click "Save" in the top right hand corner and you'll see your scheduled post saved in the following view.  You'll notice you can select "Post Now" to post now, or wait to receive the push notification for the scheduled time!     

Step 3: Now, wait for the scheduled time to post! 

When it's time to post we'll send a push notification to the iOS device the app is downloaded on (and you're logged in with your Have2Have.it credentials).  Swipe the push notification to accept and open the Have2Have.it app and you will then be taken to Instagram with your photo populated.  If your photo is not a square and meets Instagram's new image size ratio, you'll see a double arrow to click to post the image as landscape or portrait.  

*Please note that the caption will not auto-transfer over to Instagram. The Have2Have.it app will auto copy the caption you've written to your iOS device's clip board.   You'll see a green box confirming that your caption is copied.



Next, double tap the blank caption area to paste the caption you've pre-written when scheduling the post.  


Once you post to Instagram, we'll send you a confirmation that we successfully matched your post from the scheduled one.  (Note: we match based upon time and caption, so if you change the caption on Instagram too much, we'll let you know that we could not find a match).   Once you receive the confirmation push notification, you're all set to go and that scheduled post will disappear from your Upcoming tab.  

What happens if I changed the caption in Instagram before posting? 

You'll receive a push notification that says, "Oops, we weren't able to find this post."  If the post doesn't have links for Have2Have.it attached to it, then just swipe and select "Dismiss."   If it did have links attached to it, swipe the push notification and select "ALREADY POSTED?"   



If you selected, "ALREADY POSTED?" your most recent unlinked Instagram posts will appear for you to select the correct post to match to.  Select the post and confirm.  You'll be shown "Your post is linked" once you select the post you want to match it to.  


When you select "Link Now," you'll be able to select the matching Instagram post photo and then confirm.  

Can I schedule posts from desktop?  

Yes, you can do this from your dashboard on desktop by going to Manage-->Posts and select "Schedule."  You'll go through the same experience of creating a post and adding links, but on desktop.  Then, when it's time to post you'll get the push notification on your phone from the Have2Have.it iPhone app! 

Enjoy the ability to pre-schedule, relax, and do more on mobile!  


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