How to Run an Influencer Sale

How to run an Influencer sale

Create a product in the Soldsie dashboard. If you aren’t sure how to do this, follow this tutorial here. 

Before posting, make sure you and the Influencer you are working with have an agreed time, have worked out which content you are posting, and any other details related to the campaign.

Steps for merchant

 For Facebook

  1. Create the product in your dashboard that you want to connect to your Influencer's post. 
  1. Once the Influencer posts to Facebook, connect the post to your Soldsie product by copying the URL of the post that the Influencer has posted to Facebook. Here is an example image from Facebook and here is an example URL:

The URL will look really long  and it often ends with the word “theater”.  

  1. Select Post to Facebook on the product you want to connect and go to the "Copy and Paste" tab.  Paste the Influencer's post URL in the white field then click “Find Photo.” Once you do this, just confirm and connect the photo.  After you do this, Soldsie will automatically track comments and send invoices for fans commenting on the Influencer's Facebook post.  

For Instagram

  1. Have your influencer post the selected photo to their Instagram feed at the designated time.  Once their post is live you can connect the post to your Soldsie product.
  1. Connect to Soldsie by clicking the drop down next to the product in your dashboard and selecting “Post to Instagram.”

  1. Select, “I already posted it”

  1. Add the URL to the Instagram post from your browser. Click “Connect Instagram Photo” and the system will start tracking comments on the Influencer's post and sending invoices.

Reminder: You do not need to post a sale to your Facebook or Instagram in order to run an Influencer sale!

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