Connect a Facebook Group Post to Soldsie

Many merchants see success selling in Facebook Groups. Before following these instructions you have to be an admin of the Facebook Group. We retrieve the comments from the post by default using your personal profile. If you wish to post and retrieve comments using your Facebook Page you will need to link to the Group. This link will tell you how

Let proceed with the following steps to complete the process

1. First off we need to add Soldsie as an app to your Facebook Group. The following instructions are for the web interface, mobile instructions for installing Groups Apps are here. Click your group settings panel of the group's Facebook page. 

  • Next, click Add Apps
  • Then search for Soldsie and click Add when you find it


2. Create the product that you are going to post in your Facebook Group in Soldsie. If you need help creating a product in Soldsie, check out this article.   

3. Post the product image and purchase instructions in your Facebook Group.

We do not recommend pasting the text from the corresponding Soldsie post. It will be easier to compose directly in the Group post. If you prefer to copy from the Soldsie Dashboard you must convert it into a plain text format before pasting. Click here to learn more about converting into plain text. 

4. Find the corresponding product in Soldsie and click the downward arrow on the right-hand side to select Post to Facebook.

5. Click on the Attach FB Group Post tab.



- In another window, find the URL of the photo posted in your Facebook Group by clicking the photo itself. You will see the photo displayed over a black background.


- Another alternative is selecting the timestamp and copying the url


6. Paste this URL into the text field by Find Photo. Then click Find Photo.Slice_2.png

7. If everything looks good click Confirm.


Once you confirm the post, Soldsie will send out invoices for all "Sold" comments made, regardless of when the customer commented.

If you receive any errors while connecting your post you likely need to confirm that Soldsie is added as an app to the group or update your permissions by clicking here

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