Why didn't my scheduled post appear on Instagram?

Note: The iOS App currently works for iOS 10 and below. We are planning to create new app to work with newer versions of iOS.

Instagram blocks posts from third-party apps, so posts scheduled through the Have2Have.it desktop or iOS mobile apps do not automatically appear in your feed. 

At the scheduled time, you will receive a notification on your mobile device. Open the mobile app to see your scheduled posts. Click on "Post Now" to push the post to Instagram.

This will launch your Instagram app. The scheduled image will be saved to your photo library, and the caption will be automatically copied to the clipboard. In Instagram, select the correct image and paste the caption into the text field—then you're ready to go!

If you have set up a link for the post, Have2Have.it will recognize the post and add it to your Have2Have.it feed.

For detailed instructions about how to schedule an Instagram post through Have2Have.it, click here.

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