Have2Have.it and Email List Sign Ups

Among other valuable stats, Have2Have.it captures a daily count of those who sign up to join your brand’s email list. This “Daily Metrics Update” is emailed directly to you and offers the amount of email addresses captured for the day above the label “captured in total” (see below):


To download the complete list of email addresses cumulatively captured:

1) Go to your Have2Have.it dashboard
2) Click on Customers in the main navigation
3) Click the Export button in the top right of the page.

Have2Have.it does not currently offer integration with third party, automated mail management systems. The vast majority of email management services will intuitively prevent the duplication of addresses previously entered. If this is not occurring, you may have to adjust your service’s settings.

Here are links to a selection of popular email services' directions on importing addresses:
Constant Contact

And here are links that discuss the issue of duplicate email addresses elimination for those services:

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