Country-Specific Shipping Rules

We have released a new feature that gives merchants the option to specify which countries their shipping methods are available for. This feature will come in handy for merchants that want to offer Free Shipping in their home country but charge a fee for shipping to other countries. It could also be used to offer Expedited Shipping in one country only and Standard Shipping in all others.

When Country-Specific shipping rules are specified, customers will only be able to select shipping methods that the merchant has made available in the customer's country.

When left unspecified, Soldsie will assume that your shipping methods are available to all customers.

To specify Country-Specific Shipping rules for your shipping methods, visit the "Shipping" section of the "Settings" page.

From there, open the "Advanced Settings" menu and enable the "International Shipping" setting.

Refresh the page after clicking "Save".

Next, in the "Shipping Options" section above, click "I need more advanced options". If you are already using the "advanced options", that text will not be displayed.

Each shipping method you add here will have an "Available In" field. Use this field to select which country you'd like your shipping method to be available in. Click "Save Shipping Settings" to save your selections.

*Tip - Remember to create at least one shipping method that is available to "All Countries" if you want customers from countries that you haven't specified to be able to purchase from your store.


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