How to switch your instagram account

1. In order to switch your Instagram username please use your old Instagram account that is already in the system to log into Soldsie to change it. You can log in by visiting the store Instagram registration link first or
2. If you are logged in correctly you should see your username and next to it, "SWITCH IG ACCOUNT". Before you click it to make sure you are logged into the Instagram account as it will ask for permission from that account.
3. Accept the permissions for Instagram if you have already you will be switched to that Instagram account in Soldsie. If the account doesn't exist in the system you will be asked to enter your email and password for this account
4. After that you should see your Instagram username updated to the account you are logged into from Instagram.
Note: If you commented on an invoice earlier with that account, you will need to comment again so you can receive the invoice in your email
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