How to Setup Preorders

The Preorder feature allows you accept waitlist orders for products up to 15-30 days. The way it works is if you have zero product in stock and want to build up a list of invoice orders ahead of time. 
When you restock the product, we send out emails based on the amount you set. So if there are 200 preorders and you set it your amount to 100. Only a 100 emails will go out. Also, the invoice will stay in a queued state until they pay. It will switch to pending if they click the link the email. After they pay, the status will be turned to paid. 
  1. In order to enable it, you need to first go to settings. Then go to the invoicing section or search for “Preorders"
  1. Next, turn on Preorders and set Preorder Email Delay. Email delay sending to your customers so your invoices can be grouped together at checkout.
  2. After preorder is enabled when you go to edit your product you should see the "Auto Cancel Time". This is initially disabled but after you set it to 15 or 30 days, your invoices will not cancel till the time you specify. We also disable credit authorization with this set due to the length of time being out of range to hold someone funds.
  1. Next set the inventory of the product to zero 
  2. Next link Facebook and Instagram post to your product. All your new invoices should come in as Queued.
  3. When you change the quantity of your product from zero to any number 1 or higher our system will automatically send invoices to all the customers in the queued state based on the quantity of product to pay for their invoices. Make sure you set the quantity right the first time as we set a condition on products that have been sent restock emails to prevent double sending the invoices.
Here is a sample of what the customer will see
  1. When commenting on an item out of stock (Can be customized in email templates in Settings)
  1. When an item has been restocked - called bump notice (Can be customized in email templates in Settings)
Note: You can change the email message for when products are stocked in Settings > Search for "Email Templates” > Click Bump Notice and modify and save.
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