Facebook Page Registration - Updated for Facebook's New Privacy Policy

Facebook has made and continues to make a number changes to its privacy policies in light of breaches and privacy concerns that took place between early-2018 to 2019.  

As a result, Soldsie’s comment selling stores who sell on Facebook Pages (NOT Facebook Groups OR Instagram...only Facebook Pages) are required to ‘opt-in’ in order to share identity information for each of their Facebook “friends” or customers who buy from those Facebook pages. 

What does this mean for you?

  1. We at Soldsie have added a plug-in to our registration process for your customers to opt-in.
  2. Each of your customers will have to re-register with Soldsie even if they were registered prior to February 2019.

The good news is that we have made the re-registration process as easy as possible.  We are as unhappy as all of you about this disruption, but are also in full support of Facebook’s pursuit of strengthening its privacy policies.  Again, we have done our best to minimize the disruption on your behalf.

Again, please be aware that this only affects those of you selling on Facebook Pages, not those on Facebook Groups or Instagram.


For the Store/Seller

1. Go to Settings > Social, then go to the Facebook Page section and click Facebook Page Permission button. 


2. After you accept the permissions you will be redirected back the same section and click enable page registration to finalize your setup and you are all set!



For the Customer/Buyer

1. When the customer goes to the registration link it will ask them for their Facebook permissions if they haven't already accepted.


2. Next, the customer verifies their email address on file and clicks the 'subscribe' button. The subscribe button will then open up another window for the customer to accept messenger permissions. Facebook has a secure connection between their Messenger functionality and Facebook Pages. We will not send your customers messages without your approval.


3. Done! They will be able to comment like they normally do and receive invoices.



Here's an article for those of you who are curious about the general nature of the changes: https://goo.gl/tYEV9u


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