Using Split Pay (Beta)

Welcome to one of our newest features split pay! It allows you to split a normal order into two separate invoices for the same product. You will no longer have to use coupon codes! The first invoice is to reserve the product and the second invoice is to collect the payment to let you know to ship the product. 

Split Pay currently only with campaigns to allow you to charge each customer a one-time fee per campaign. The first invoice is sent out to reserve the product and charges shipping for the product. This will decrease your inventory one time. The second invoice will let you know to ship the product and charge the one time split pay fee per customer per campaign. You can skip to the how it works section for more details.


To get started

1. Go to settings and in the search bar type in split to see the option available. Then select, "Let me use split pay for my store" and set the split pay fee you desire. Now when you visit campaigns you will see more options. If you go to how it works below we will show you how to manage your split pay operation.



How it works  

1. After enabling split pay for your store, proceed to campaigns and add all the products you wish to have in your campaign.

2. Next, click enabled right next to the text, Split Pay Product Status. This is will turn on split pay for all your products. You will know it's enabled when the Split Pay Status turns to Enabled for the product. screenshot-localhost_3000-2019.10.20-16_01_54.jpg


3. After turning on split pay for a product you will your customer will then see the option to turn on split pay in their invoices. They have the option to select it or pay the full amount, but when it is turned on the subtotal and tax will change.  Also, inventory is only decreased for parent invoices and shipping price is only shown for parents.screenshot-localhost_3000-2019.10.20-18_47_10.jpg


4. You can see split pay invoices start coming in the invoices section as they will have the tag SPLIT PAY under them. The first invoice for a customer is called a Parent Invoice, the second invoice you generate is called a Child Invoice. To generate the second round of child invoices you need to go to the campaign and click Send Split Pay Invoices. This will create a background job to generate all your child invoices that have parents which means everyone who paid for their invoices using split pay the first time will get another email to pay for the child invoices. Child invoices are not editable by the customer.


5. In this example, the customer sees the split pay fee for $3 for the second/child invoice. After they pay any invoices that come from the same campaign will not see a split pay fee again unless it is from another campaign. 



We only allow Shipstation to pull invoices for paid child invoices and not parent invoices as they are an indicator to your Shipstation account that the product is ready to be shipped. 

We pull the monograms and shipping amounts from parent invoices for child invoices for Shipstation.  CampaignID (customfield3) is also imported over in Shipstation. To find your campaign ID go to your campaign and view your url and copy the id after campaigns in the url. Look at the example below, it's 87 in our case.


Next, go to Shipstation and to the filter, "Other "and select the field Customer Field 3 and filter on campaign id 87. Then type this text in "CampaignID:<space><campaign_id>" to filter for orders in that campaign and click Apply.


Note: When refunding make sure to refund the parent and child invoices. We will constantly be tuning up this feature to make it more mature any feedback is appreciated. We are planning to build more features out to search on parent and child invoices. 

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