Create a Live Video Sale: How to Add and Edit a Live Video Sale

Soldsie allows you to sell your product in a live video sale and to get started selling through live videos. You first need to create a live video sale.

Create a Live Video Sale

  1. Access your Soldsie dashboard by going to and click "LOGIN" ( located in the top right hand corner of the screen). Once you get to your dashboard, click "Live Video" then "New Live Video Sale"1.create_a_live_video.png
  2. Fill the sale name field to Live Video Sale a name2.give_sale_a_name.png
  3. Select the products you want to sell in that sale and also provide a unique identifier ( default set ) to each product but we can change it. ( Note: All products must have a unique identifier )
    Identifier to each product can be of 3 numeric digits only. For ex: 100,101......999.

  4. Once you are satisfied with your products selection. Click on the Save Products Selection button.4.save_products_selection.png
  5. Save if your Live Video Sale has been created successfully. You will see a flash "Live Video Sale Created Successfully"6.live_video_created_succesfully_popup.png
  6. Edit
    1. You can also edit a live video sale after creation by clicking on the three dots icon in the right of the sale name7.edit_sale_sale_options_icon.png
    2. After clicking on the dots icon. You will see an edit selection options the sale can be edited by clicking on it.8.edit_selection_option.png



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