Connect a Facebook Live Video to a Live Video Sale

Soldsie allows you to sell your products in a live video sale and To get started to sell products in a live video sale. You need to create a Facebook Live Video.

  1.  Go to Facebook Page or Profile where you want to start the live video or start selling through live video.
  2. Start or Create a Live Video by clicking on the Live Video button.1.live_button_facebook.png

  3. After Click on the Live button give the live video a title and also some description about the products or sale.

  4. After giving title and description to the Facebook Live Video. Click on the Go Live button to start the live video.

  5. Now got to the live videos page in the Soldsie and click on the three dots icon in the right of the live video sale which you want to link with the Facebook Live Video.

  6. Now select link to post option in the drop down.

  7. Now a list of Facebook Live Videos is visible. Select or click on the link button for the Facebook Live Video you want to link.

  8. If the Live Video is successfully Linked to a live video sale. You will be redirected to a live videos page with a flash "Live Video Sale linked successfully"
    Also, Icon near the live video sale is visible if it is successfully linked to a Facebook Live Video.

  9. You can also link a Facebook Live Video and Live Video Sale when you create a live video sale. After its successful creation you will see a popup named "link to post" and in that popup you will a button named "Link Now"

  10. Once the Facebook Live Video is linked to a live video sale. our background job will start scraping comments on the video and sending invoices to the registered customers and one can see the comments from live video for which we are sending invoices in the comments section.


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