Print Live Helpers and Comments of a live Video Sale

Live helpers is a feature that helps you while presenting live to your customers on how to buy the products. As it shows all the products in that sale with their image and instructions to buy that product and also you can also see all the comments on that live video sale. Here's How:

  1.  Firstly, go to the live videos sale page and click on the three dots icon in the right side of the live video sale for which you want to see live helpers.

  2. Click on the Print Live Helpers option in the drop down to see print live helpers.

  3. Now, you will be redirected to a page which is called Print Live Helpers.

  4. Now, how can you use this print live helpers during live video sale.

    1. After clicking on the Go Live button a model popup will open which will look like the image below:

    2. Now, you will see a share screen button in the right side of the popup.

    3. After clicking on the share screen button it will ask you to Download or Add a chrome extension in your browser. Click on the Add to Chrome button and add it in you browser.

    4. Now refresh the tab and click on the share screen button again. A popup will open as below: 

    5. Now, select the tab or window where have opened the Print Live Helpers for the Live Video Sale and click on the share button.

    6. Now, Print Live Helpers are started to visible in your Live Video Sale.

  5. Click on the comments option to see all the comments for that live video sale.

  6. After clicking on the comments option. All the comments for that live video are now visible.
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