Why do I see "Author N/A" text in my Comments?

It means that someone has commented on a product on one of your Group posts, but has not yet registered with Soldsie. As a result, they have not granted Facebook permission to get their information as yet.



Until the customer registers with Soldsie using the link sent by the autoresponder:

  1. You (the store) will only see the comments with "Author N/A" and a "View Comment" button that can track the comment directly on Facebook.
  2. The customer will not be connected to their particular comment.
  3. You (the store) will not be able to see the invoice for that comment in the "Invoices" tab.


When the user clicks on the registration link, a Facebook dialog box appears in order to grant permission. After the user has given permissions to the Group, Soldsie will be able to fetch commenters’ details for any posts in the Group for that particular customer.



To grant permission from Facebook itself (instead of re-registering), go through the following link: https://www.facebook.com/help/www/1967138829984927

Note: Once you have given the permission to any group with the Soldsie app, all the other groups that the customer joins and have the Soldsie app will get the same permission. So, it will not be required again anymore.


Now Soldsie will:

  1. Make the user a customer.
  2. Update the comment. 
  3. Create an Invoice for that comment.


After this, the selling flow goes on as usual.

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